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Lead In a Way That Moves People To Action.

I’m Josiah Pledl, founder of 45° Degrees Leadership Consulting. I equip leaders to connect their head to their heart and execute emotional intelligence in their leadership. Emotional intelligence to me doesn’t mean awareness, it means leveraging emotion to drive results. 


I believe in the raw unbridled power of human connection.

I believe people are moved to action by emotion.

I believe successful leaders focus on impact.


Leadership today is hard. 


There is a risk and responsibility of leading.

There is fear of failure and judgment.

There is also fear of success.


The answer to all of this is in your people. 

I work with businesses by providing workshops, keynote speeches and one on one coaching. 


I also work with you. You can grow your ability to inspire and engage through online courses, group coaching, tools, and a unique elite level community of like minded senior leaders obsessed with growth. 

Image by Ryoji Iwata

You Don't Have To Do This Alone

I’ve delivered results in corporate America and in public education by increasing engagement. 

As an executive leader of a school I increased parent engagement and employee engagement. As a corporate leadership development trainer I worked in a company with 87% favorable employee engagement scores and an incredible 90% favorable manager effectiveness score. 


This was achieved while smashing quarterly revenue records in the 20 year history of the organization. 


I am driven to eliminate the Sunday Scaries. To partner to create a workplace people want to go to on Monday morning. I am committed to increasing happiness in the workplace. 


Happy employees produce 13% more than unhappy employees. 


This will impact our world by increasing people's sense of belonging. 

Allowing people to bring their whole authentic self everywhere they go. 

Restore the ability of people to be able to work to live rather than live to work. 


This isn’t just professional…it’s personal.

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