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Enhance Company Culture

You won't believe the variety of companies I work with on leadership.

Build Your Success

One company has a rock-solid culture.
They're expanding and experiencing rapid growth.
Their turnover rate is 6%, and the industry norm is 20% or more.

They are doing it right.
Business is booming.
Employees are happy.

They brought me in to...

Enhance their thriving culture and build on their success.

Strengthen their relationships and deepen the bonds they already have.

Equip leaders to execute emotional intelligence and support a culture of understanding and empathy.

This company has their culture dialed in and on point.

After the workshop they told me that they were more connected as a senior leadership team than ever before. Their meetings now are focused on finding solutions. There is more cross-functional collaboration that’s led to a new level of innovation. 

They said that they are executing emotional intelligence and it has created a safe space that allows for free sharing of ideas, concerns and challenges. 

This space has led to a new focus on the team while valuing the individual.

OUTCOME: more cross-functional collaboration, more connection 

Alignment on creatively solving problems

Improved efficiency and innovation

[executive meetings moved from informative to action]

built/fostered momentum by connecting their head to their hearts and creating safe place for collaboration


That reminds me of another company I worked with recently.

This company's been around for more than 100 years 

It’s family owned and it’s moved through the generations of leadership.

[generational, family owned]

They are doing good but are looking to be great.

They are locked in on old school thinking.

The belief that we’ve always done it this way and we’ve been around for 100 plus years is present. 

There’s a belief that the new generations need to adapt to our leadership rather than we adapt our leadership to the new generations. 

[positional power, command + control, this is the way we’ve always done it] 

After they took my lead with impact, communicate to connect program they were able to 

Adapt new leadership styles.

Engage and inspire employees today without generational friction

Leverage emotions to drive positive change and transform their culture.

No matter where you are as a leader, whether it's great or if it needs work, there is one common thread.

People are driven to act by emotion.

If you're ready to leverage emotion to drive results...we should talk.
The power is in your people. If you unleash the power of human connection, you will drive business results while protecting dignity.

Empowered people produce powerful results.

Join The Connection Crew

Joe Grundle

"As a consultant, he lights a fire under his audience and will get your executives thinking about their own approaches to leadership in ways they never have before, the measurable wins/results they've gotten, or the customer experience you provide."
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